Van Life In Europe: A Guide for Adventurers and Van Life Lovers

I started traveling full-time in 2015 after graduating college. My goal was to visit every country in Europe within three years. While I didn’t quite reach that goal, I ended up visiting over 30 countries and living in five different cities. And why since then, we are thinking on applying for Portugal citizenship by investment after 5 years!

The Biggest Decision So Far. Why we’ve chosen to settle in Portugal (through golden visa)

From living on our van to settling in Portugal and hire a golden visa portugal lawyer was a matter of 4 months in total. But don’t think this was an easy decision. Find out why here.

I’ve been a lonely van life lover for 3 years. Here are 6 reasons why I’ve choose this life.

Vanlife is the ultimate nomadic lifestyle. But does it really live up to its name? In this article, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of living in a van. We’ll also discuss whether vanlife is right for you. We’ll also share our experiences living in a van for three years. And finally, we’ll give

The 4 things you didn’t knew van lifers do all day

Van life has become one of the most popular lifestyles among young adults. And for good reason. Van life allows you to travel the world without breaking the bank. However, living in a van doesn’t come without its challenges. There are certain things that you don’t know about van life until you live it yourself.

These 5 factors on why it is realistic to live in a van will surprise you

We all know that living in a van is an amazing thing. However, most people don’t realize that there are actually five things that make it possible. So here are five surprising facts about living in a van. 1. Van Life is Possible Living in a van is possible. There are thousands of vans out

3 Reasons Why van life is cheaper than a house

There are many benefits to living in a van. Here are three reasons why van life is cheaper than owning a house. 1. No Mortgage Payments Owning a house means paying monthly mortgage payments. If you don’t pay these payments, you won’t own the house anymore. This means you’ll owe back taxes and interest charges.

7 Trues on how much money do you need to live a van life

Living in a van has become increasingly popular lately. People are choosing to travel across the country rather than living in an apartment or house. This trend has been fueled by low cost airline tickets and gas prices. However, living in a van isn’t cheap. There are several expenses associated with living in a van.

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