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BOA Membership

See instructions at bottom of page to join or renew.
Benefits of belonging to the Bounders of America
Being a Bounder owner is a great experience! And if you are not a member of our club you are missing out on one of the greatest experiences of owning a Bounder motor home.
Why does BOA exist? Very simply put, we exist to have fun. But, you might ask; “Why the club?” Can’t I have fun by camping or traveling by myself or with friends of other brands of motor home?
Yes, of course you can. But there is no better experience than spending time with other Bounder motor home owners at Bounder Chapter rallies or at Bounder International rallies.
What are some other benefits of belonging to BOA and to one or more of our local Chapters?
When Bounder owners get together, there is a lot of talk about --- well you guessed it, Bounder motor homes. Questions like, “How does this work? Why isn’t my water heater working as it should? Why does my refrigerator shut off while I am traveling down the highway?” Or, “My keyless entry no longer works. How do I reset it?” Many questions deal specifically with the Bounder Coach and the particular chassis it is built on.
When one of our members has the engine access door open, it is only a matter of minutes (maybe seconds) until another Bounder owner comes over to see what’s going on. It has not been unusual to have five or six fellow Bounder owners come over to offer assistance and sometimes lots of advice. It is a great feeling to experience this “second” family.
Bounder Beacon
The Bounder Beacon  is our quarterly newsletter. It is the best means to know what is coming and to look back on recent rallies. Some of the regular articles are:
  • President's comments
  • Secretary's Scribblin's
  • Treasurer's report
  • International Rally information
  • More detailed Rally Schedule information on upcoming rallies from all the chapters
  • Join us when you can!
  • Reports from the chapters on recent rallies with pictures
  • Roos Recipe Corner
  • RV Safety News You Can Use
  • Tech Tips
  • New Member Information
  • Membership Forms
BOA Website -
When you become a member of the BOA, more access is granted on this website. You then would be able to view Photos; examine and provide reviews of campgrounds, restaurants and attractions you encounter; submit and review Recipes; view Rally reports and Safety articles; and more.
What other benefits do we offer?
You get a special license plate with your own BOA number.  Want to try before you buy? Fine, you are welcome to attend a Chapter rally or any International rally before joining the BOA Family. Use the Upcoming Rallies section of the Home page to find out where various chapters are meeting. Use the Contact Us page to contact any Chapter and get answers to your questions or to register for a rally (even if you are not yet a member). We are looking forward to having you join us at a rally or even better yet, complete the application now! Thanks for your consideration.
Happy Boundering!

How do I join/renew?
Regular Mail
Complete the BOA Membership Application by clicking on the link below. Then print out and complete the application form and mail it as instructed.
Step 1: If new, select Register in the upper left corner of the home page. If renewing, Login and select Your Profile in the same area.
Step 2: Decide on a one or two year Membership and select the appropriate line.
Step 3. If new, complete the computer registration form. If renewing, verify the data presented.
Step 4: Press the Continue button to proceed to the payment section that is handled through WePay. They will take you to their website to process and handle the payment through a check or credit card, and then return you back to the BOA website. There is a small processing fee added to the membership cost.
Step 5: The system automatically provides you, our Secretary, and our Treasurer with the necessary information to confirm the payment and begin processing your access to the member section.

New Members: You will receive a Welcome packet containing a link to the latest the Bounder Beacon, a membership card and a BOA License Plate.