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MAB Newsletters

September 2019 Newsletter
Amana Colonies was visited by Mid America Bounders, September 19 - 22.  We rallied at Amana campground.  The rally was hosted by Morris and Linda Dewall and Jerry and Carol Hardacre.
The rally started Thursday with a meet and greet to share some snacks.  The turnout was good with Larry and Jolly Ann Whitener, Steve and Debbie Rittenhouse, Pat Robison, Bill Andrews, Bud and Ronda Howard, Jerry and Carol Hardacre, Morris and Linda Dewall and Bounder Buddies Lynn and Shirley Blair. The evening was topped off with a campfire.
Friday started with the hosts making pancakes and sausage on a griddle and eggs on request.  There was also fruit, orange juice and coffee. The breakfast was followed with a presentation by Sue Woods from Amana Campground about the Amana area.   MAB was looking into hosting the 2020 BOA National Rally in the Amana area.  We decided not to host the 2020 BOA National Rally due to lack of volunteers and all the unanswered questions about MAB and BOA.
That meeting was followed with a discussion about the lack of Officers for MAB and how to keep the chapter together.  It was decided to extend the current Officers term to November 1.  With no Vice President and Treasurer for BOA it is not a guarantee they will meet their requirement to fill their offices by October 1.  If they meet their goal and fill the offices, MAB will still need a President and Vice President.  It is unclear we have anyone willing to be President for the next two years.  It is also of critical concern that we keep losing members and are not acquiring new members to replace the members we have lost. So, in summary we have three options:
1.      Stay together as MAB under the BOA flag.
2.      Reform the group as a FMCA chapter.
3.      Stay together as a group that will camp together but have no affiliation to any other group.
These options will be discussed at the next rally at Kentuckiana.  If you are not attending the rally at Kentuckiana, October 10 – 13, please send your comments to any current board member immediately.  It is important to receive your input since the results will affect every member of the chapter.
Friday evening, we met at the Ronneburg restaurant in Amana.  We topped the evening off with a campfire complements of Morris Dewall.  With a little more practice Morris could earn his campfire badge from Bob Young.
Saturday evening, we gathered at the campground pavilion for HoBo Stew prepared by the host, it was delicious and filling.  There was enough remaining, so everyone took a container home with them.  After dinner everyone retreated to their camper due to rain that lasted through the night.
Before departing on Sunday, we enjoyed fresh homemade cinnamon rolls made by Linda Dewall.
Just a year ago MAB lost a wonderful lady, Carol Robinson, that brought life and joy to all of us.  She is missed by all of us and we know that MAB is better group because of her. 
Please keep Bob and Paula Young in your thoughts and prayers as they deal with their health problems.  Also let’s wish Bill Andrews good health as he deals with his back pain and possible surgery.
Debbie Rittenhouse
Newsletter Editor
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