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Classified Ads

Member Classified Ads
Bounders of America, Inc. (BOA) assumes no responsibility for any product or service listed in this classified ad section. No firearms are permitted. Any disputes arising from any transaction must be resolved between the buyer and seller only.
The products or services offered must be related to the RV camping experience. The BOA reserves the right to cancel this service or to remove any item not deemed appropriate. The member’s contact information necessary for the purchaser must be included in the ad. The ad will be posted on a page with no access restrictions. 
You must be a member in good standing to submit an ad. There is no charge to place the ad and you may submit the ad online using the link below. Up to 5 pictures may be submitted with the ad information. Your ad may also be submitted by sending the information to the BOA Webmaster. Please include your BOA# for member verification if submitting to the Webmaster.
If not expired sooner, ads will be removed when the BOA is notified by the seller or if not sold within 60 days of being posted. 


None listed at this time.