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A guide to your Rally Registration Form
Linked here is the Registration Form for the September 2017 International BOA Rally in Gettysburg, PA. The reason for this early release is so that you can reserve this date for a most unusual rally get-together, celebrating the 26th Anniversary of the founding of BOA back in the State we were founded. We have tried to make this registration easy to understand, however, if you have any questions please contact Rally Master Franz Singer at email:
A little explanation may help you better understand the formatting of the registration form. This rally is a little different than in the past. To celebrate this special occasion, BOA is subsidizing the rally for Members of BOA over and above the cost for campsites and bus trip, etc. Non members will pay a small fee to cover the cost of food and a few other small items.
Psssst...If you are not a member of BOA, sign up now and when approved, send your Rally Registration form in. That way you get subsidized too. Shhhh don't tell anyone I told you.
The Rally is open to all owning a Bounder, member or not. Vendors need not own a Bounder to attend as a vendor. We have shown a discount for early registration and a discount for those non-members who send in a membership application with their registration.
Let's not forget the Hershey RV Show, the largest RV Show in the country. Hershey is a short drive from Gettysburg, PA and the RV Show is scheduled for the days just prior to our BOA Rally. This is a great opportunity to attend both. We hope to see you at Drummer Boy RV Resort, Gettysburg, PA.
Franz Singer, Rally Master
September 19-23, 2017