We are a non-profit organization formed in 1991 to promote camaraderie, pride of ownership, and use of our Bounders for pleasure. BOA is an international organization with US and Canadian chapters that provide our members an opportunity to share information, go to rallies and have fun.

Whether you're a first time or a long term Bounder owner, you will enjoy your Bounder more by joining BOA. Once a BOA member, you’ll receive a bi-monthly newsletter providing 1) the schedule of national and chapter rallies which you may attend and 2) a broad range of information of interest to Bounder owners.

See the latest Bounder Beacon (on menu at left) for a list of chapter rallies.  These rallies are the "heart and soul" of BOA, and are held throughout their their camping season. The rallies are typically 3 or 4 days long, frequently over a weekend and usually located within an easy day’s drive. The content varies from potluck dinners and card playing to tours and dining out, depending on the interests of the rally host.   We hope to meet you at one soon.

BOA has a vast range of experience among its members – those who have been to Alaska, Canada and Mexico; those who have been "full-timing" for years and those who use their Bounders on weekends. This "membership knowledge base" is BOA’s most valuable asset. You can learn of the many changes, modifications and enhancements members have made to their Bounders; learn where to go (and not to go); and most of all you’ll develop lasting friendships and experience a sense of cooperation among members.  To join the group simply click on the Bounder e-Group icon on the "Links" page.

Are you ready for a TEXAS style rally?

MONTGOMERY, TEXAS       Oct 7-11, 2014

It is not too late to sign up. DOWNLOAD and print the application, then mail it with your check.   A much faster and easier option is to submit the application online using PayPal or a credit card.  There is no increased cost to you for using a credit card -- and you get any 'rewards' associated with your card.  Click "Register ONLINE" below.  DO IT NOW!

NOTE: Even though it is after Aug 1st, go ahead and submit the form with the pre-Aug fee.  We want to see YOU at the rally!